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The capital city of the South Sumatra province in Indonesia.
Ibukota Propinsi Sumatera Selatan

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  • PTP. Mitra Ogan (Yanuar Candra W, SP.), mustopa1988 wrote 1 day ago:
    RNI Group
  • syakroni & maimunah house, chang (guest) wrote 18 days ago:
    is the same addres....your grandpa maybe nek the same person. ...alfatihah for them
  • kenten permai, chang (guest) wrote 18 days ago:
    Nice home, its nek ibu & nek ayah house
  • PT. Bina Pertiwi cabang Palembang, topabsa_PLB wrote 8 months ago:
    Tempat Yang Bagus untuk membeli spare parts komatsu dan kubota
  • BOOM BARU, weakest link (guest) wrote 10 months ago:
    Di boom baru baru saja di temukan mayat yg bernama ardiansya yg terjun dari ampera 2 hari yg lalu
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