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The capital city of the South Sumatra province in Indonesia.
Ibukota Propinsi Sumatera Selatan

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  • Java Frezze Palembang, Rahmi Aminus (guest) wrote 12 days ago:
    Cozy place
  • SD SMP Xaverius 3, Marsaulina Mutiara Simatupang (guest) wrote 18 days ago:
    This is my school too, TK, SD n SMP. TK dididik ibu almh Gloria, pertama kali SD ibu Bernadette dan SMP msh pak Kasidjan kepseknya
  • Pabrik Genteng/Konblok CAHAYA ABADI, ffusanto wrote 2 months ago:
    HUBUNGI KAMI DI 08117856969 , 081990856848 (whatsApp) PIN BB : 5F520384
  • SMA YKPP 1 Plaju, swh225 wrote 3 months ago:
    1968 = SMA Nasional
  • Pondok Pesantren Rubath Al - Muhibien, syakir (guest) wrote 5 months ago:
    My school....
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